Saturday, 9 November 2019

Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) by Eugene Muzychenko [Review]

Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel

Having a good Virtual Audio Cable program is indispensable in the ham radio shack. Especially if you own SDR receivers like SDRplay or any RTL-SDR based dongles, one time or another you will need to pipe the audio from the SDR software into another software. For example, you may need to pipe FT-8 signals into WSJT-X decoding software, stream IQ output signal from SDR software into CW skimmer program for reverse beacon network spotting. Perhaps, you would like to output ACARS signal into an ACARS decoder or set up an APRS iGate station with a sound card based APRS decoder.

If you have a decent condenser microphone attached to a computer, you could also set up a software based mixer and equalizer and pipe the audio into a ham radio transceiver.

There are many Virtual Audio Cable software on the Internet, albeit all with the same name to lure customers into their own product. Beware of fake websites providing paid VAC software for free, there's no free lunch out there. You may be unwittingly introducing malwares into your computer.

Having used several virtual audio cable software, I came into conclusion a few points a good vac software should have.

1. Being able to add as many virtual cable as you need
2. Supports a wide range of audio sampling rate
3. Supports the maximum sampling rate your application requires
4. Low latency
5. Easy to use

The virtual audio cable software by Eugene Muzychenko is my choice for all my virtual audio routing application. It is easy to create additional cables just by selecting the number of cables needed and pressing the set button. The additional cables will be installed automatically and appears in Windows sound setting. It also supports 48kHz of audio sampling rate so I could achieve full 192kHz bandwidth from SDRuno IQ output. Overall, the software is simple to use so I could allocate precious time for the project in hand. Trust me, having to fiddle with supporting software while halting the main project is not only time consuming but ruins the fun when it doesn't work at all. No one likes show stoppers.

You may visit the software main website here.
The trial version can be downloaded here.
If you are interested in purchasing the software, go here.

For a small fee, the software is definitely worthwhile. Some paid virtual audio cable software support up to 4 cables only while Eugene's vac supports more than that with a click of a button! If you do not need any support from the software author, you could even get the software at a bargain price.

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  1. A very good, extremely stable piece of software that works flawlessly with SDRPlay units.